The Oxford Academy believes that all children are entitled to educational opportunities that provide academic excellence. PURPOSE At the Oxford Academy we focus on providing the education and wider key skills to our students that promotes excellence. As outlined in our mission statement we foster the intellectual, moral, physical and social development of every one of our students.


Please submit the following Documentation: Clearness certificates if already in school in Kuwait. 2 Passport size Photographs. Copy of the student’s birth. Copy of last report from previous school. Copy of student’s passport. (Non-Kuwaiti student should submit the Kuwait residence permit page if the residence stamp on the passport). School Medical file (forKg, Rec, Y1 if they never been in school before). After Admission: Transfer certificate if already in school in Kuwait. School Medical File from previous school. Student’s Academic file. Fees: Parents as soon the students are accepted in Oxford Academy parent should pay the fees either for the whole year or the first term as soon as the school notified and all further charges when they are due. The deposit fee one paid is not refundable and secures the place until the first of Sept. The first installment of the fees should be paid in full, before the commencement of the new academic year. The Fees structure may change depending of Ministry of Education Approval, the school fees…

school fees 2020/2021

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frequently asked questions

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  • You need to contact the school office and ask for an appointment, they will ask for your details and forward to the appropriate teacher
  • Your child’s class teacher will call you and make a suitable time to meet
  • Please note that the end of the day pick up time is not a time to discuss your child as teachers need to ensure all children leave safely

  • There are no more than two students at a time released with the class toilet pass
  • There are nannies in the toilets to assist and ensure hands are washed

  • Children must wear plain black shoes with their school uniform
  • On PE days with their PE uniform they can wear either white or black sports shoes

  • Please give your child a healthy breakfast before they leave for school
  • Their lunchbox should include a range of healthy food for example: sandwich, fruit, vegetables, juice and water
  • Please do not have food with a lot of sugar, chocolate, chippies or fizzy drinks

  • Students should arrive before 07:20 as the bell rings at 07:25 for the children line up outside their classes
  • If you arrive between 07:30am & 07:45am, you need to go to the School Office and collect a late slip
  • If you arrive after 07:45am you will be sent home as per the school policy.
  • If your child is late due to a medical appointment, you must bring the required paperwork to confirm this

  • The most important thing you can do is make sure your child goes to bed early. As Children in Foundation should be getting 10 to 13 hours sleep a night, as this improves their learning
  • Making sure you give your child a healthy breakfast and lunch box to bring to school
  • Talking about their day at school and reading books to them in English at bedtime
  • Helping the Reception children with their homework tasks, spelling and reading

  • At this age they should be able to carry the bag themselves
  • So a suitable small to medium size bag that is able to fit their lunch box, water bottle and spare clothes

  • In KG there are fortnightly Parent Information Sheets and in Reception weekly
  • These outline the main learning in all the curriculum areas and will be shared with home via an appropriate means

  • If you would like your son/daughter to celebrate their birthday at school, they can do on Thursdays only
  • This will take place during the last lesson (11:30am)
  • Students may share cupcakes only and parents or siblings are not allowed to attend

  • Early Years Students have a 30 minute play time and a 30 minute eating time
  • These take place between 09:00am until 10:00am.  If your child is enrolled in the Paid Late Room, they also have the opportunity to eat at 12:00pm

  • The Early Years finish at 12:00 each day and the Foundation Gate is open until 12:20
  • Please make every effort to pick up your child within this timeframe as they get very tired
  • If you are not able to pick up by 12:20, you must pay the termly fee for the Paid Late Room

  • Students should be in school by 7.20 as they should be in class for the start of the day at 7.30
  • Students who arrive after 07:30 are recorded as late
  • 3 Lates is equal to a days absence (Ministry Guideline)
  • Students who arrive after 07:45 will not gain access to the school without an acceptable reason (Medical appointment with proof). See Parental Power Point

  • We have balanced classes in terms of size and ability
  • We do not change classes on parental request, however should you wish to change your child’s class then complete a class transfer form at reception
  • There is not guarantee that the change will take, but each request is dealt with individually and serious concerns are dealt with

  • We currently run a program where students sit 3 IGCSE’s at the end of Year 10 and 3 at the end of Year 11
  • This is not a fast track program as each subject is given 6 hours ensuring students have the required Guided Learning Hours (GLH)
  • If your son/daughter should you need a fourth subject, then we can offer an additional subject with 4.5 hours.
  • Parental consent is needed to confirm the extra work that needs to be completed at home to ensure all content is covered

  • No, as per Ministry instructions
  • Parents are unable to view the school exams. The teachers will provide detailed feedback of how your child performed in the exams based on the content areas covered

  • Firstly advise your child to speak to an adult in the school
  • This can be any member of staff that they feel comfortable with, or one of our Social Workers. You may also wish to support your child by talking to the teacher with your child
  • We would encourage that they report any incident to the class teacher as they can observe behaviour during lessons and advise break duty staff as necessary
  • We take accusations of bullying very seriously and any incidents are dealt with appropriately
  • If you are concerned about any issue regarding your Son/Daughter please speak to the Head of Secondary
  • Never approach another student or parent in an attempt to resolve any situation always consult the school

  • Unfortunately we do not have a car parking facilities on site
  • The school is situated on residential roads and we ask parents to park legally and with due consideration for our neighbours
  • Access is only via the front entrance due to bus students leaving via the back entrance

  • Parents must either sew a name label into all clothing or write the child’s name in indelible ink on a label
  • If an item goes missing your child must inform the class teacher and look in the lost property
  • We will do our utmost to find lost items but we are unable to provide a replacement as pupils are responsible for their own possessions

  • Staff are available to meet with parents each day
  • To make an appointment register a request with the school office, providing your details
  • This will be passed to the member of staff who will contact you to make a convenient appointment time
  • Staff due to teaching commitments are not available on demand
  • Please do no open discussions with a teacher while they are on duty, in the morning or afternoon as their key responsibility then is the students Health & Safety

  • Students should arrive before 07:20 as the bell rings at 07:25 for the children line up outside their classes
  • If you arrive between 07:30am & 07:45am, you need to go to the School Office and collect a late slip
  • If you arrive after 07:45am you will be sent home as per the school policy.
  • If your child is late due to a medical appointment, you must bring the required paperwork to confirm this